Saturday, February 21, 2009

Captain Morgan

Hey dudes and dudettes, Nick from Printmaking here.

To make up for the really cool 20th anniversary printmaking videos of cut off foreheads, orange peel paint, and well-planned registration, I figured I'd share a speed painting video. Not exactly printmaking, but maybe the resources he used will inspire? Whatever:

If the video doesn't show up here's a link:

If anyone lives in Huntington Beach, on Main Street by the peer, there's occasionally some guy that does these live. He takes 5-10 minutes, but it's fun to watch. The way he uses news paper to create texture, or closing out areas to leave certain colors, or how he uses his fingers and nails on wet paint is just really cool to see.

Oh and since I'm already writing so much, here are some video notes I took in case you guys missed out on the new info:


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  1. Nick - You forgot the Amazing Adventures of Mr. Hand! Very funny effort.