Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review of Original Copy

ORIGINAL COPY Printmaking Exhibition, a review by Lucy Ruggirello

What can one say about the Original Copy exhibition at Cypress College other than it was great and the artworks on display were exquisite. The first work that caught my eye was by artist Zoltan Janvary. His Travel Notes: IV Statue, 2010, intaglio engraving, looks like a hollowed out face mask and shoulders lying sideways with deep dark shadows, white gridlines and highlights. The title of this work is appropriate. The sepia-toned color of the background visually reminds one of an antiquated explorer’s map. The facial expression of the mask appears serene and relaxed, as if traveling through time into another dimension without any specific destination.

I was truly in awe at the amazing detail in this work and what seemed like millions of tiny lines which created the image. The white highlighted areas were quite dramatic and gave it an out of this world celestial overtone.

Also, I enjoyed viewing the print by artist Chris Natrop titled Dewdrop Reflex – pink (ed of 7), 2008, silkscreen print with colored ink & iridescent medium.

This artwork definitely has more of a feminine feel being pink with iridescent sparkles throughout. The varying shades of pink and overlaying effect give it depth, a three dimensional quality that appears both delicate and tough. Its title reads Dewdrop Reflex but the image strongly resembles an insect or a butterfly or some kind of sea creature.

Artist Wayne Kimball’s lithograph titled Two Seriously Diseased Feet, 1995, was also very interesting.

The transition of color on the feet from blue-green to pink-purple to a yellow-gold aesthetically achieves the description of “diseased.” I’m reminded of a nasty bruise that turns different colors during its process of healing. However this image does not seem to be about healing but of the broken up and severed pieces of people’s lives. Perhaps more about people who have become hardened and disillusioned by their daily struggles? The composition of this work really fascinates me. I’m not sure about the message the artist desired to convey. I have to wonder if the artist’s depiction of diseased feet implies an overall reflection of the state of the unseen portion of the statue which is non-existent. And why would one place feet on a cold, stone platform? Whatever this artist’s inspiration was, it certainly makes one think. I really love this piece.

I very much enjoyed attending the opening of the Original Copy Exhibit as it was well executed with examples of a variety of printmaking techniques. It was also quite informative. Once again, the artworks on display were really superb.

Note from RS - The "Diseased Feet" appear to be standing on litho stones.