Friday, February 27, 2009

Disk Barren From McClains

check it out here

These are used for lino or woodcut rubbing!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blue Alert! This complex & layered combination of a traced, subtractive & additive monotype was done by Leighann Van Deventer.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Linoleum Inspiration for y'all

Hello All - 

I added the URL this AM for Cannonball Press, so make sure you pay them a visit! The link opens on a fabulous B & W linocut print by Jenny Schmid...cast yr. eyes on her "Kitty Gal," (SOLD OUT - too bad) & the matching "Dog Man," (Still Available - @ only $25.00). My buds Bill Fick, Tom Huck & the ever productive Sean Star Wars are also on this site. Martin Mazorra, who runs Cannonball, has some wonderfully irreverent  linocuts posted. Look & be inspired!


Angel or Devil - another of life's puzzling conundrums! 
This photograph was taken by roving CSULB campus shutterbug Victoria Sanchez, as she prowled about the print lab, looking to compose that perfect shot!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun Lino Animation

Hello, It is I, Morgan. I just found this amusing lino animation, they call it "LINOMATION"

thought you would find it entertaining

Should any of you wish to earn an extra 5 points of credit towards a grade on any project, you can visit area printmaking exhibitions & write a 1 pg. review. It would be fabulous if you could post that review (complete with yr. stunning photographs) to this blog. 
Illegiblusion,  is a show featuring the prints of CSULB Printmaking faculty member Kimiko Miyoshi. It is currently at the Sabina Lee Gallery, & will run until 3/14/09. The address is: 971 Chung King Rd., LA, CA/213/620-9494. Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 AM - 6 PM. The print on the right is Kimiko's, while the work on the left is Mary Ijichi's (not certain if it is a print).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Captain Morgan

Hey dudes and dudettes, Nick from Printmaking here.

To make up for the really cool 20th anniversary printmaking videos of cut off foreheads, orange peel paint, and well-planned registration, I figured I'd share a speed painting video. Not exactly printmaking, but maybe the resources he used will inspire? Whatever:

If the video doesn't show up here's a link:

If anyone lives in Huntington Beach, on Main Street by the peer, there's occasionally some guy that does these live. He takes 5-10 minutes, but it's fun to watch. The way he uses news paper to create texture, or closing out areas to leave certain colors, or how he uses his fingers and nails on wet paint is just really cool to see.

Oh and since I'm already writing so much, here are some video notes I took in case you guys missed out on the new info:

This sultry image of Director Sophia Coppola is an additive monotype created by Caitlin Wilcox. 
Coppola, who directed the wonderful films "Lost in Translation," & "Marie Antoinette," also co-founded a clothing line with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth (a tie-in with another monotype image created this semester). Unfortunately, the clothing is currently only available in Japan.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The real pimp cup

Black glass "Be-otch"

Hangin' Out

Our very own Tamara Kohn chillin' in the tree on break<3

Stopmotion in Bed

Here is cool music video to help inspire you guys for the lino project.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We <3 Tyler and Roxanne!

Sean Star Wars Woodcut

Mt. Dew drinker Sean Star Wars has one of his woodcuts on a T-Shirt @ He needs our votes in order to get it into production. He was one of our visiting artists in the printmaking area, so I feel like any help we can provide would be great! His URL is included in his print of Darth Vader!

Nancy Young's Additive Monotype

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Example of Additive Monotype Print

An additive monotype is created by painting directly on the plate, that is then printed onto paper. The ink is applied with a brush, or any other tool. 

This print was created by Marissa Johnen (below). 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Gouge The Modern Woodcut at the Hammer Museum

Walking in there is all orange walls in the first room. There is a woodcut about Christ that was printed in Tahiti with a medieval sculpture. It was printed in black ink. The woodcut printed about eternal night was printed in black, orange and yellow. It echoes the glow of the night of the spirits of the dead. There is one called “Nude Seated in Profile” which has a lot of black bold lines creating abstract shapes in the figure of a woman. “Towards the Forest” by Edward Munich was woodcut printed in black, blue, orange and green carved from 2 blocks, one side, and 1 in 6 pieces. The “Dr. L” by Emil Nodle was printed in 1912; it’s a woodcut in black ink with bold effects of a gouge. The subjects simplified psychologically interest features were cut in brisk strikes with embossed paper. Gabrielle Munter used linoleum in black, orange, pink and beige. She is admired for her inclusive quality of the gouge and its tool for vehicle for some boldest and innovative compositions. The 2nd room is brown with a giant woodcut of “Horse called Grane”, is a mythological horse in Rich Wagner’s drama “Der Rings des Nbeluagen.” The 3rd room is red with large-scale woodcuts. Luis Penalver Collazo’s work is called “Latin America, Unite!” by female personification during the revolt in Cuba. The 4th room is purple called “Sacred Cuts & devoted imagery for devotional use.” There are giant scrolls by Shin Young-ok called “By the ways of Wisdom”, it’s a woodcut block printed on book pages, mounted on handwritten ramie and cotton thread. I thought overall it was a very interesting gallery; it had a lot of art from the early days around the 1950s. I was surprised that even back in the 1800’s they had the tools and desire to cut into wood or linoleum and come up with these images that were just as good as modern ones I have seen. It gave me more inspiration to create my own works just like they did.

Philip K, Dick

inspidred bladerunner and a couple of my prints :]

Hi guys,
Ken here, woot, 2nd post.
I'll try to update the blog as much as I can.
See the video below to find out what hand printing is NOT.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just a little info

Hi guys, this is Morgan. I just made this blog tonight because I am basically chillin at home right now. I am relaxing after a long week of 4 studio classes and the 6 hour class today. I hope everyone had fun doing the monotype prints. I think that it was fun and would be better if we had some more time to do them. 

Just so you guys know more about me, I'm a graphic design major in my Senior year at CSULB. Stoked to grad in the winter of 2009 so we'll see. I took into to printmaking last semester with Gretchen and learned alot. I am happy to meet all you guys and hope you enjoy printmaking just as much as I do.

If you want to take a peek at my online portfolio of random art, go ahead and check it out at

or if you have a myspace and want to add me,


First Edition

Welcome to the Hand Printers first edition blog. Please feel free to post anything you feel necessary. Be creative and post pictures of galleries, artwork and yourselves.

P.S. Today is Friday the 13th.