Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Diane McLeod prints accepted into two competitions

Diane McLeod's Exuberant Kabuki, sugar lift aquatint, 12"x9" created 2010 has been accepted into the Irvine Fine Arts Competition, Printmaking & Book Arts Exhibition. Opening reception is Friday, June 18 from 5p.m. - 8 p.m. The show runs through July 31, 2010.

The second print in a recent competition is Tundra Myth, spit bite intaglio, 24"x28" also created in 2010. It has been accepted into the First Street Gallery National Juried Competition. Reception is June 26, 3-5p.m. The exhibition closes July 20. Address is 526 West 26th St., Ste. 915, New York, NY. if your summer plans take you that way.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

FYI Art Supply Warehouse

Jackson Sez:
Heads up to all you printmakers! in case you'll be doing any printing over the break, here are the current prices on printing papers at the old ASW:

22x30 Rives BFK White $4.19
22x30 Rives BFK Colored(grey, tan, cream) $4.59

Stonehenge 22" x 30" Natural $2.31
Stonehenge 22" x 30" Pearl Grey $2.41
Stonehenge 22" x 30" Warm White $2.31
Stonehenge 22" x 30" White $2.31
Stonehenge 22" x 30" Black $3.16
Stonehenge 22" x 30" Cream $2.10
Stonehenge 26" x 40" White $3.60

keep in mind if you buy in bulk, you can save some jing
Quantity Discount
5 - 24 5% off
25 - 99 10% off
100 - 499 15% off
500+ 20% off

they also sell oilbased printing inks in small tubes from speedball and redbaron, as well as brayers, squeegees, screenprinting inks and 12xx silkscreen fabric by the foot.

anyway, the prices may change, so be sure to check out artsupplywarehouse.com, you can even special order it in advance so it doesnt go through the store (touched, dropped, drink-slipped-on-muffin-crumbly, etc) or you can just call (714)891-3626 and tell whoever picks up that you'd like to place a special order, it's super easy!

store hours:
m-f 930-8
sa&su 10-6

P.s I didn't get paid to post this, it's not an advertisement, but it's good to know

Thursday, May 20, 2010

LACMA Exhibition

Lena Rabchevskaya
Etching 378

LACMA “Myths, Legends, and Cultural Renewal: Wagner Sources” Exhibition

German Folk Tales and Myths are the main subject of this exhibition. The Exhibition is based on the relationship between Wagner’s music and the inspiration he drew from German folklore. Works featured consist of lithographs , some etchings , woodblock printing and installation art. Most of the works have a realistic, sharp quality to them , some very erotic and some very violent. Definitely not the fairy tale images we are use to seeing in today's cinema.

The first piece I was drawn to was a series of etchings by Stefan Eggeler. The main characters are witches performing series of tasks in each of the etchings. Some are very erotic, depicting several female nudes. All of the etching have a certain energy to them, they are mostly dark and a little “ominous,” the use of light is very minimal , just enough to see what is happening in the scene. My favorite piece in this series was “The Departure” c.1921, this was a first piece in the series, depicting witches flying on the brooms over a city. I liked the feel of the piece, certain “wild” aspect to this etching, you can feel the witches are not following any rules and do as they please.

My very favorite piece of the exhibition was lithograph by Carl Otto Czeschka “Dream of the Falcons” c.1905.It was a beautiful lithograph printed in blue, black and gold on wove paper. The lithograph depicts a reclining female figure on one side of the page and two stunning falcons hovering over a cityscape on the other side. In person the colors are really brilliant and craftsmanship of the drawing is pristine. This piece really caught my eye, it just stood out among the rest. Also, it was one of the few pieces that could be recognized as a modern fairy tale image.

Elaine Carhartt linoleum cuts

Opening Reception - May 23, Sunday, from
2 - 5 PM.

1702 Lincoln Avenue, 626/298-6931, open Friday - Sunday, 1 - 5 & by appt., www.offrampgallery.com

Dirk Hagner's Exhibition Closes

Rivera and Rivera Gallery, 1100 South Hope Street, 310/713/1635

LACMA-Myths, Legends, and Cultural Renewal: by Julieann Spangler

This past weekend I went to Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I went to see the current exhibition "Myths, Legends, and Cultural Renewal: Wagner's Sources," that runs from April 15, 2010–August 16, 2010. I couldn’t take pictures in this exhibition. I liked the diversity of art that was in this show. There are lithographs by Emile Nole. I liked his postcards. Stefan Eggeler has B/W etchings, which remind me of the artist Aubrey Beardsley. There are some woodcuts by Ernst Barlach. Hans Groh’s woodcuts were very tragic. The images were of 2 or 3 men. Each man confronted the other close up with a sword. The men looked liked they had on masks of Greek gods. The next artist was Otto Schubert he had sketches. The image of a fox in a fable reminded me of Javier Beltran’s (from class) last piece. Achim Freyer, the Director and Designer of the LA Opera had work in this show as well. His stage costumes, as well as sketches and a sculpture-like installation piece are on view. This exhibition was very mythical, but I felt it also had a circus feel. I liked it very much. David Hockney was the last artist on the wall just before you left this small room. Hockney, a photographer and painter had some etchings on handmade paper. I didn’t know that he did this type of work. I was greatly surprised. His work was based on the Grimm fairy tales.

There were also silent film that were very interesting. Director Fritz Lang who created the film "Metropolis," had his 1924 film "Die Nibelungen," showing. The other film showing is "Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam," (1920).

Here’s what they showed. Check them out on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiUJUTIWUD4&feature=related


It’s been a while since I’ve been to LACMA. I forgot how much wonderful art they have on display. Looking around I found many Picasso’s, Paul Klee, and a Kandinsky woodcut. I liked this woodcut. It’s called "School Red & Blue," and was made in 1939. I spent a couple hours in the Ahmanson building, which has all this great art. Before I left I decided to stop by the Japanese Art pavilion. I’m so glad I did. I don't know long this exhibition has been running, but there are some prints by Utagawa Hiroshige that will be on display until June 29th. They’re on the 3rd level in the west wing. Go if you have a chance. It was great seeing these approximately 60 prints. They were so beautiful. I stared at the colors. After seeing this process being demonstrated in class, I realize how difficult the process is. I had many favorites, but here are a couple pictures I took of my some favorites.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

URGENT MESSAGE: Printmaking Facility Available

To the Southern California Printmaking Community: Patrick Merrill, master printmaker, curator, teacher and friend of the printmaking community is in the hospital dying of colon cancer. I am writing this as President of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society. It was Patrick's wish to donate his studio and all of its contents to our organization. However, we are not in a fiduciary or managerial position to accept this offer. If you are in a position to take over his studio located in Covina, CA for $800 a month, let me know. If you are or belong to a non-profit entity who would appreciate having this donated to your organization in his name, let me know this. This is an excellent opportunity for printmakers to come together to form a cooperative printmaking space convenient to Los Angeles and to several other areas. So, students and other printmakers, give this some thought. It's an excellent opportunity for you to have a place to print after graduation. I will attach the details of the studio. Please let me know of your interest and/or ideas. Thank you, Diane McLeod (562) 596-7986, (562) 786-9194 (cell) macdiart@Adelphia.net.

Description of Patrick Merrill Fine Art Studio, Covina, a fully equipped intaglio workshop: 1600 sq. ft., the spacious warehouse studio has doors that open on both ends for added ventilation. Types of Printing: intaglio, relief, collograph, monoprint, combo of all 4. Three presses: Ettan 22"x48" manual, Ettan 36"x72" manual, a Griffin 36"x60" electric plus a 1083 digital copier. Photo Facilities: darkroom, Beseler Model 23C enlarger and Minolta EP. Platemaking: 200 psi compressor and airbrush; aquatint: 24"x36" acid tank, fully exhausted. Other: Ettan 28"x36" hot plate; 36"x96" sink; 36"x112" metal topped work surface. 50 tray 40"x55'drying rack. Complete set of production rollers. Glass top workspaces include a 48"x72" mobile table; 48"x96" table and 3-30'c112" work surfaces. Copious storage space with print file drawers, an office space a bathroom. Free parking adjacent to the building. Rent for this space is $(00 monthly. What a wonderful opportunity for the right printmakers this is!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Archival suppliers

Hello All,

For those of you interested in purchasing archival sleeves to protect and preserve your prints, the following is a list of resources for archival suppliers:

University Products – www.universityproducts.com 1 800 628-1912

Gaylord.com - www.Gaylord.com 1 800 448-6160

Light Impressions – www.LightImpressionsDirect.com 1 800 828-6216

Metal Edge, Inc. – www.metaledgeinc.com 1800 862-2228

I would suggest using Light Impressions or University Products – but all companies carry similar products. Light Impressions has a product called “Ephemera Storage Bags” they are transparent polyethylene bags and come in a variety of sizes – usually in packages of 100 – prices are reasonable. However, delivery is sometimes slow.

I hope this information is useful.

Lucy Ruggirello

Now at the Getty Center - Printing in the Grand Manner

Prints made in France under the patronage of Louis XIV are being showcased at the Getty until 10/17/2010.
The works in this exhibition reproduce Le Brun's designs for paintings and tapestries in the Grand Manner, the genre in which a heroic protagonist engages in a morally significant action—a battle to be won, a victory to be celebrated, or a vice to be avoided. Le Brun oversaw the production of these unusually large engravings and etchings, some of which are almost two meters wide and composed of multiple printing plates. By disseminating these subjects in printed form, Le Brun presented to collectors and artists his mastery of the most complex type of art. The quality and size of these prints, in turn, allowed Le Brun to demonstrate his authority over the fine arts in France.

Address: 1200 Getty Center Drive, LA, CA - 310/440-7300
Free Admission (but parking is costly - take the Metro Rail instead).

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Los Caprichos - Goya

Who knew that Forest Lawn had a museum? Now, not only can you pay your respects to the "King of Pop," but you can also view the work of another late great - Goya (although I can't imagine why they chose to put these etchings of whores, witches, devils & randy monks in a cemetery setting). Don't be confused...this is the franchise in Glendale, & the address is: 1712 South Glendale Avenue. The prints will be on view until 8/1/2010, Tues. - Sun., 10 - 5 PM. 1/800-204-3131, www.ForestLawn.com.
Wonder if there's a gift shop?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Apogee: Tyler, Rob, and Camilla

All the way over in Orange County, Tyler Ferreira, Rob Brown and Camilla Taylor have a show opening this Saturday. The address is 712 North Santiago Street, Santa Ana, CA and the phone number for hours and further information is - 714/542-1596

It's in Art from the Hive in Santa Ana.
Pluses: open bar, next to the Amtrak Station for easy getaway, LIVE! screenprinting on stuff

Anyhow, should you be so inclined, it would be nice if you stopped by

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Myth, Legends, and Cultural Renewal

The image I chose to feature from this current exhibit is a lithograph titled: "Dream of Falcons," from 1905 by Austrian artist Carl Otto Czeschka. Forgive the wrinkle in the center, that was provided courtesy of the US mail service.

On view until August 16th, at the LA County Museum of Art, this exhibition includes work by Ernst Barlach, David Hockney & Anselm Kiefer. The exhibition explores how different artists have used Germanic myths and legends as source material for visual art - including the rather terrifying fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Lecture at LACMA

On Wednesday, May 12th, Richard Meyer, a USC Art History Prof, will be giving a free lecture titled: "The Museum of Multiples." This will be a discussion centered on work by Warhol, Duchamp & Beuys. Starting at 1:00 PM, it will be held in LACMA's Brown Theater - 5905 Wilshire Blvd., LA. Curiously, the museum lists Wednesday as a day it is closed to the public, so please call 323/857-6010 to make certain they are indeed open.

"The Goddess Exhibit"

This exhibition, in honor of Mother's Day, features screenprints by LA artists Patssi Valdez (her untitled image from 1989 is included here), the late Carlos Almaraz (who died in 1989), and George Yepes. The work is being shown in the ChimMaya Gallery, located @ 5283 East Beverly Blvd., LA (60 fwy, exit Atlantic & head south for 2 blocks). As always, call to check for gallery hours - 323/869-8881. There is also a show based around the theme of the pin-up, but I'm not certain that it contains any prints.