Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Archival suppliers

Hello All,

For those of you interested in purchasing archival sleeves to protect and preserve your prints, the following is a list of resources for archival suppliers:

University Products – www.universityproducts.com 1 800 628-1912

Gaylord.com - www.Gaylord.com 1 800 448-6160

Light Impressions – www.LightImpressionsDirect.com 1 800 828-6216

Metal Edge, Inc. – www.metaledgeinc.com 1800 862-2228

I would suggest using Light Impressions or University Products – but all companies carry similar products. Light Impressions has a product called “Ephemera Storage Bags” they are transparent polyethylene bags and come in a variety of sizes – usually in packages of 100 – prices are reasonable. However, delivery is sometimes slow.

I hope this information is useful.

Lucy Ruggirello

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  1. Many thanks Lucy - I plan on ordering some of these myself as soon as summer shuffles on in. RS