Thursday, December 17, 2009

The besht has surely arrived! Michael Cohen’s prints showing at the Alpert’s Jewish Community Center was crazy! His talent and love for his Jewish community is present in every print he maid. Etching, lithography, wood cuts and silk screen are all of the areas where he succeeds. As his prints hanged in the hall, kids were walking by looking at them not knowing the process it took to make the prints but saying “that’s cool!” and that’s when you know you’ve succeeded, when it’s appealing enough for even those who know nothing about the process. Other artists get so caught up with the process but having such an unsuccessful result. I am proud to be working on my prints in the same place he did, using the same presses he did because it just makes me think of all the possibilities and great prints I can also produce. I especially liked the “Untitled Black” woodcut because it was so simply made yet such a powerful black and white print. His prints definitely tie in as being his art work they all have the same theme and style which can get boring after a while but in this case he manages to make each one a bit more different and a bit better than the other. His only sculpture piece was very interesting having glued pieces of Jewish men prints riding little bicycles on an actual bike wheel with a sign saying “please spin” which I obviously did. I would definitely recommend others to see his work!

-Adriana Gonzalez

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  1. Adriana - Here I am en Oaxcaca, Mexico, reading your account of Michael's show! The Internet can really be a wonderful thing, verdad? I'm loving it here, & think that I'd like to stay much, much longer. So much to see, especially all of the wonderful Zapotec craft families in the smaller villages, such as Teotitlan Del Valle. Wish you all had worked more on my pathetic Spanish language skills!
    Thanks for your insights & glad you get a chance to see his work. I'll be posting some images from my trip, as soon as I'm back where my cables that connect to the computer are! Can you believe I forgot them?