Monday, April 12, 2010

Orit Hofshi prints at the George Billis Gallery

Orit Hofshi: Between the Lines at the George Billis Gallery

Wow, this exhibit was really great! I’m glad I went to see the images. The large sizes of artist Orit Hofshi’s prints are quite impressive. There were only three black and white prints on exhibit.

The young man working behind the counter at the George Billis Gallery said that Orit Hofshi thinks of herself as a dancer – possibly in another life. She seldom gets tired and is ambidextrous, so when one arm gets tired she uses the other.

The first print was titled Venue, 2002 and was full of wonderful flowing lines. The image is very powerful with lots of forceful movement. There are tree stumps and what appears to be flowing water among a wilderness area. It made me feel like I was high up on a mountain somewhere and witnessing this massive rush of flowing water. This print was the smallest of the three.

The second print was titled Flash, 2004 and was placed together with eight horizontal sections. What I found most interesting was the lone woman standing with her back exposed to what appears to be a severe wind or storm. The lines in her hair and clothes are flowing forward and indicate severe weather. I find it interesting that her fists are clenched – made me feel like the woman is angry. The top two sections had minimal markings; most of the line work was in the center. The bottom three sections had markings like scratches and comb strokes. It was a powerful image. It was very large and approximately 6’x 8’ in size. There’s a photo of me (Lucy Ruggirello) standing next to this print.
The last print was titled Serrate, 2000 and was placed together with four horizontal sections. This was also of a rugged wilderness scene. There appeared to be a lot of rugged terrain, lots of foliage and rocks. The ink was a black and brownish color for all three prints. This was approximately 6’x 4’ in size.

Roxanne may have taken a point or two off for some ink that was visible around the border areas.

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