Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rethinking the Multiple, An Exhibition at Occidental College

This sure-to-be-spectacular exhibition opens in Los Angeles' Weingart Gallery on the campus of Occidental College, Wednesday 10/9.  From 5 - 8 PM, there will be an installation performance provided by Paul Mullowney, one of the artists whose work is being displayed. (I'm assuming both the seriously long toes, and the image they stand upon belong to him.)
The other three artists are also exceptionally quite fine - Lynne Allen teaches printmaking at  Rutgers University in New Jersey, and uses non-traditional materials to create prints that investigate her Native American heritage.
Phyllis McGibbon, another East Coast denizen, holds forth on the same subject at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, and is a fellow Dürer enthusiast. Her visual work is largely concerned with how printed images manage to "dis"locate and time travel between artists, physical locations, and cultures. (Sounds like the theme of every one of my three hour lectures...) The gleaming baton below, while appearing to be machine tooled, is a rolled copper plate with an image of Dürer's etched into it. The piece glitters on so very many varied levels.
Fred Hagstrom teaches at Carleton College in the great white north of  Minnesota. His artist's statement ends with these two lovely lines - "I want to see the art world become more concerned with passionately held beliefs and beauty, and less concerned with irony or market based strategies. I believe that art should be a part of people's lives, and that it has the power to change the way we view the world."

Directions may be located by visiting:
Should you find yourself at that venue, do let Linda Lyke know that I send my regards.

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