Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dont Mess With The BESHT

Michael Cohen submitted his self portrait print "Dont Mess With The BESHT" at an art competition hosted by Jewlicious Festival. Michael placed first in the competition and his print was showcased for the 800+ participants during the 3 day festival. Diwon, a Hip Hop DJ and Emcee who performed at the festival took a cardboard cut out of the print on tour with him to put on stage, and some festival goers asked if it was for sale. The print is mixed media; monoprint and silkscreen. He hopes to make some high quality lazer prints of the poster for sale soon. Michael is a BFA printmaking student @ Cal State Long Beach and will graduate this spring 2009. His senior show opens Sunday April 5th @ 5pm at the Art Galleries on campus. His artwork is inspired by his experiences as an Orthodox Jewish youth in a seemingly Unorthodox Art World. For more information on this (hopefully) up and coming artist, check out

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