Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Extra Credit for Art 376 Relief Printing ( Victoria Goro-Rapaport ) by Eun-young Choi

Adam's Vision, Etching with photo, 24"x18"
Noah's Ark, Etching, 47"x28"
I visited the Old Town gallery on March 22nd. The OT gallery is a quite small; however, it is filled with some amazing prints. Among many great works, two of them stood out among the rest. One of them is titled "Noah's Ark" and the other one is called "Adam's Vision". Both works seem to depict the scenes based on the bible story. The work, "Noah's Ark" is an etching and the artist presented the scene in detail. The detail of the print almost looks like it was of either a drawing or painting. The thing that I really like in this work is that the artist incorporated the print with a typography background. The "Adam's Vision" is an etching with a photo that go well together. It does not look like a mix of two different materials, but rather as a one media. I I especially like the woman figure on the bottom right because her her sad looking face had a strong presence.
After visiting the gallery, I was amazed at the beauty and elaboration of the collection of prints. I also realized how the artist has done the prints amazingly compared to my printing skill.

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  1. Eun-Young, Don't be so hard on yourself - after all, you're just starting & Victoria's been doing this for a very long time! Thanks for your well written & insightful observations on her work. Glad you made the time to go to "The Old Town Gallery."