Thursday, October 15, 2009

Corita: Serigraphs and Watercolors

Up until April 10th, the "Sister Corita Kent Retrospective" promises to deliver visual excitement & ideas for those of you who lean towards graphic design. Added bonus? It's in LA's own Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels - so you can expiate your sins (if you are so inclined). The location is to be found at 555 West Temple Street, 213/680-5200. While there, be sure to see the tapestries (based on actual people) depicting saints of various ethnic backgrounds & ages, designed by John Nava & the sculpture above the entrance by Robert Graham. You can see from the photo why this 3rd largest Cathedral in the world is also called "Our Lady of the 101." It is walking distance from here to MOCA, & easy to get to via the Blue Line, should you eschew the somewhat questionable pleasures of driving on the freeways.

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