Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Own CSULB Gallery Director, Kiel Johnson

The Mark Moore Gallery says:

"Following up his 2008 inaugural solo show with Mark Moore Gallery, Kiel Johnson invites us to step inside his compellingly prolific imagination with several new drawings and a large-scale sculptural installation.

Deviating from his trademark cardboard medium, Johnson presents an altogether different exhibition born of obsessive personal inventory and astute social commentary. Publish or Perish illustrates the rapid expansion of globalized communication and the subsequent dichotomy of a retracted sense of interaction despite a heightened sense of interconnectivity. Using the printing press as the overarching figure of information's evolution, Johnson constructs a type of archival environment that denotes the transformation of our personal relationships to the tangible, the local and the sentimental. Johnson's distinctive fascination with mechanization and fine intricacies is embodied in both his construction of an "autobiographical" printing press, and his meticulous ink renderings, which demonstrate the compulsive human need to produce, document, proliferate and authenticate histories – much like the artist himself."

The Mark Moore Gallery is located at 2525 Michigan Avenue, A1, in Bergamont Station 310/453-3031 Exhibition Opens Sat., 10/17, 5 - 7 PM, and runs from 10/17 - 11/14, Open Tues. - Sat., 11 - 6 PM.

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  1. Please pay a visit to: http://vimeo.com/6933339
    You'll see a time-lapse video of Kyle at work, making & using a cardboard camera/drawing/sculpture.