Friday, January 22, 2010

LA Art Show, 2010

The LA ART Show is happening right now (this very second!) at the downtown convention center. It's $20 for a day pass, but if you're a member or student member of LAPS you can get half off the ticket price, and it's well worth attending. Printmaking it well represented, with many pieces exhibited from famous and contemporary artists. Wandering around on a short break yesterday, I saw original Chagalls, Picassos, and works by artists with whom I was not previously familiar, such as the stunning work by Harold Paris from 1945. Dave Lefner, an LA based linocut artist, has a booth in the middle of the hall and is demonstrating his technique for achieving photorealistic linocuts of neon signs.

LA Art Show

The Los Angeles Printmaking Society has a booth nestled amongst the nonprofits, just a couple down from the CSULB UAM booth. It has a small selection of member works, among them a piece by me (Camilla), as well as two piece from Jennifer Anderson who taught a class at CSULB last year. I loaned LAPS my baby press for the event, so in addition to the prints on the walls of the booth there will be printmaking demonstrations in various media. I'll be there all day on Sunday, so stop by if you attend and say hello.

If you're coming up from Long Beach, you can catch the Blue Line downtown at the transit station, and it will taking you directly to the convention center. Get off at the Pico Station and there you are. Don't forget to bring an umbrella!

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