Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Upcoming Roxanne Exhibition in March "Germination"

The Pallid Seas of Gahnia Aspera - wood-engraving, silkscreen, graphite drawing, envelope & seed

Inspired by seed germination, the title of this print comes from Umberto Eco, and the composition borrows from Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. This print, by ahem, R. Sexauer, is part of a portfolio organized by Rachel Melis and Kathleen King presented at the 34th Annual Southern Graphics Conference, & will be in an exhibition this March at the "Red Delicious Press" in the Denver/Aurora area of Colorado. The drawing and inclusion of fragmentary text on the small envelope that holds the actual seed depicted helps to solidify my hand in the work. Metaphorically, the seeds and pods are transport systems for both growth and regeneration. In this particular Australian plant, they can lie dormant for up to twenty-five years. Impressive for late bloomers everywhere.

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