Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Color Between the Lines: Celebrating the Techniques of Printmaking"

The screenprint repro'ed here is by Jacob Lawrence, from 1944, & measures 13 7/8 x 10". It is included in this exhibition along with woodcuts by Werner Drewes; etchings by Leonard Edmondson, & Ynez Johnston; linocuts by Elizabeth Catlett; lithographs by Adja Yunkers, & John Paul Jones; wood engravings by Lynd Ward; & photogravures by Alfred Stieglitz, & Edweard Muybridge. The show runs from 1/15 - 3/30, with an opening reception on Sat., 1/15, from 2 - 6 PM. The gallery is located at 7321 Beverly Blvd., in Los Angeles, with regular hours running: Wednesday - Saturday, 11am-5pm. The gallery's phone #is: 323/933-5523, & the email address for questions or further info is: The exhibition will be coinciding with the Miracle Mile ArtWalk.

The statement below is from Tobey Moss -
"Printmaking is a risky business! The artist’s hand, concept and palette often result in startling surprises because of the physical efforts; the many types of available papers; the humidity of the moment affecting the viscosity of pigments; absorbency of the selected paper; the resultant mirror image from the printer, the pressure of the press - and the skill of the printer! Sometimes the print is pulled by the artist; sometimes the print is pulled in collaboration with a trained printer. These are only a few of the many elements that can affect the approved print - and the satisfaction of the artist.

My Gallery was opened with a specialization in Prints. Though we offer paintings, drawings and sculpture also, the love of printmaking is still a primary stimulus."

Perhaps she'll also proffer some of Jacob Landau's wonderful prints to look at (if so requested). The last time I saw my friend Jacob (who continues to remain a guide and inspiration to me), was at one of his last openings at this very gallery, shortly before his death. Despite the frailty of his body, his indomitable & fierce spirit was keenly evident, & it was wonderful seeing him surrounded by his extraordinary body of work.

Thanks to Erynn for pointing this one out! Thanks also to Tobey Moss for keeping printmaking as a passionate concern.

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