Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Periodic Table - A Printmaking Exchange Portfolio

Anna Javier mentioned to me that she was considering doing this project about a year ago, so I searched the images to see if I could locate her print. While I didn't see it, Atomic #'s 73 & 101 really stood out from the other 118 (perhaps because they are relief prints?) represented. "Tantalum," the black & white linoleum cut, was made by an artist from Maryland, Jeffrey Heft. Natalia Moroz, who lives in North Carolina, created a color linoleum reduction cut for "Menderevium." The URL for viewing the entire project is:
96 artists from 7 different countries came together to create these square prints that measure a mere 6 x 6". While the overall efforts prove uneven, along with the 2 images repro'ed here, there are other standouts in the ambitious project.

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