Monday, March 21, 2011

Printmaking in NYC: K. Caraccio Studio

Nestled between 39th St. and 8th Ave. in the borough of Manhattan, lies the atelier of Kathy Caraccio, Master Printer, artist, educator and hands down the best kept secret in the city. For over thirty years she has been an established printer in the belly of the beast. New York has its’ fair share of printmaking studios however, K. Caraccio Studio is of an exceptional quality that truly embodies the character of the city. Comprised of an extraordinary 2,000 plus print collection, a wealth of educational information, and the spontaneity of a constant flow of visiting artists, the studio is a rich environment for any creative individual to delve into.

This past January, I had the pleasure of interning for Kathy and became accustomed to the bustling lifestyle that epitomizes the art scene. While working at K.Caraccio studio, I met the wonderful Gayle Flanery and Roxanne Faber Savage, who like many New Yorkers, are absolutely unforgettable entities. It is artists of this caliber that grace young artists’ lives and inspire them to want more for their careers. Although, without Stephen Fredericks, president of the New York Etching Society, I would have never had such an opportune experience. For those of you who do not know Stephen or his work, you should invest a moment of your time to see what soft ground etching should be. He is a master at his craft with a personality of gold, to whom I owe much gratitude for introducing me to Kathy in the first place. With that said, community and printmaking are a constant unity. Part of thriving in the print world is giving back; whether it be through the passing of information or the donation of your own time, printmakers (at least the ones I’ve known) have an affinity for sharing.

No matter what your practice in art may be, there is something awaiting for you in this cultural mecca. Half printshop, half gallery, the studio offers an abundance of insight into the practices of both traditional and experimental printmaking. After all, Kathy Caraccio apprenticed for Bob Blackburn, has taught at Columbia University, Pratt Institute, NYU, the Art Students League, Parsons School of Design, and the list goes on. She is a remarkable individual that any artist would be fortunate enough to come across in their creative lifetime. Kathy allows for a welcoming studio environment while challenging artists to push to boundaries of their work. K. Caraccio Studio is a brilliant representation of printmaking and an ideal embodiment of the substance that works on paper truly provide.

Posted by: Lindsay Buchman

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