Monday, March 7, 2011

"Sight Readings"

Here are 2 photos of my latest woodcut right before it went under the Plexiglas & into the frame for the Fresno exhibition. The lurid green Croc on my foot & tape measure provide however inadvertently, some sense of scale.

Printed on banana paper, there's a somewhat transparent white layer (linoleum-cut) printed under the woodcut matrix. The latter is printed in grey. Working with the banana paper was a bit dodgy, as the small embedded fiber orts caused it either not to successfully print via the press, or (worse still) caused the paper to tear. This meant rubbing by hand via a wooden spoon to reinforce the light areas, & making many small repairs from the back.

The "Art Space Gallery" shot shows the print in situ, with Matt Hopson-Walker (teaches printmaking at CSU Fresno), Nick Spohrer (teaches printmaking at Fresno City College) & Nick's student, Ryan Collins fore & aft.

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